I love working with teenagers and their families as they navigate the challenging years of high school – it’s a time of so much change and making important decisions; it’s hard to know what to do when you’re the teenager and/or the parent. As a former high school social worker, I would love to help!


College Students



College is full of change and transitions - from living on your own for the first time to graduation and figuring out what to do next with your life. It is a time of finding yourself,  balancing independence and responsibility, and making lasting friends and memories. While all this is very exciting, it can also be overwhelming and/or present unexpected challenges. Whatever you're experiencing, I would like the opportunity to help you make the  changes you seek.





As women, we have so many unique experiences and transitions throughout life and there are so many opportunities for growth – whether you’re seeking support for empowerment, independence, struggling with body image issues, work-life balance or life transitions, therapy can be extremely helpful.





From birth through forever, parenting can be a wonderful and challenging experience. Sometimes it might feel like, "I've got this!" while other times you may wonder what to do next. One day your son or daughter loves you and the next you don't even recognize the child you've known his whole life. You don't have to navigate this alone.





Having a child is a wonderful gift and can be filled with so much love and joy, but it is also one of the most challenging life changes. Millions of women suffer from sadness, feelings of anxiety and being overwhelmed. Post-partum depression is a real thing, and you can get help for it. Whether you’re a first time Mom, or a mother of 3, life after a baby can change in unexpected ways and you may need extra support.