What is it?

Just what it sounds like! Client and therapist outside and walking during a 60 minute session. You set the pace. We meet at the entrance to Picnic Point and go from there.


We are outside where confidentiality could potentially be compromised as we are discussing sensitive topics. It is important for all clients to be aware of these limitations. 

Support for Walk Talk Therapy

1. Exercising during sessions can model good exercise behavior to clients. 
2. Exercising with clients can help them take steps towards their goals for physical health.
3. Some find it easier to let down their guard and talk when they’re not in a formal office setting.
4. Some people have trouble sitting still, and benefit from moving while talking.
5. Some find walking or moving while talking to be relaxing.
6. Exercising during sessions can humanize a therapist and, as a result, strengthen the connection between therapist and client.
7. Getting outside for a walk can help us unwind and exercise can have an impact on brain activity that potentially enhances our ability for creative thought, self-awareness and emotional awareness.


A Natural Fit

Working it Out: Using Exercise in Psychotherapy by Kate F. Hays, Ph.D.; 1999